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Our mission

A vision 2 years in the making

Melanin-rich skin is beyond amazing. It ages slower. Wrinkles less. And it has its own unique needs.

In the summer of 2018, Esi Eggleston-Bracey and Sarah Irby, beauty industry pioneers and leaders at Unilever, called out the lack of skincare specific to women of color. This kicked off a collaborative team of Unilever scientists, dermatologists of color, and real people in the community to develop a brand to give melanin-rich skin the attention it deserves.

MELÉ was born from the unique belief that melanin-rich skin should always be a priority, and never an afterthought. Backed by science and made with ingredients that nourish, enhance and protect the beauty of melanin-rich skin, MELE is a brand that doesn’t just push product, but pushes for change in the skincare industry. Because your shade of amazing deserves skincare that’s just as amazing.

We are MELÉ. And we see you.

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“Black and Brown women are major consumers and enthusiasts of all aspects of beauty, yet there is a lack of science-based knowledge and skin care that put the beauty, concerns, and solutions of melanin-rich skin at the center. So it’s been a privilege and a pleasure to bring my whole self to work, as a marketer and Black woman, to drive this needed change. Leveraging the power of Unilever science, hand-in-hand with a collective of dermatologists and consumers of color, we've co-developed a brand designed to give melanin-rich skin the attention it deserves. We hope you enjoy it, and welcome your feedback, as the journey has just begun.”

Sarah Irby (pictured right)
Brand Director, Unilever North America

“Melanin Magic. The data is clear — the world is  browning, and there are more and more of us with melanin skin. In, fact 40% of Americans today are people of color, but there isn’t market research or quality products to take care of our melanin-rich skin needs. As the leader of Unilever’s  Beauty & Personal Care business, this is why I was so excited to create Melé — a Skin Care line uniquely  created for the magic of melanin skin. One of my  pride and joys. I hope you love it as much as I do.”

Esi Eggleston-Bracey (pictured left)
COO Beauty and Personal Care, Unilever North America

Co-created with dermatologists of color

To create skincare that goes further, we had to go further. So we consulted the experts who specialize in skin of color…


Created with science. Tested in the real world.

We didn’t want our products to just be backed by science. They needed to be backed by the amazing shades they’re made for, too.

MELÉ is a collective effort: co-created with dermatologists of color and a community of melanin-rich beauty experts who helped make MELÉ what it is today.