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You’ve definitely heard of it. You’ve probably considered it. And if you’ve tried it, you’re not going back. There’s a million reasons why Niacinamide is the ‘it-girl’ of your skin care regime. And for us divas and divos with melanin-rich skin, it’s a gift from the science gods.

If you don’t read this whole blog, read this: Niacinamide is the friend you wish you always had. What makes it so great in the first place? It’s a powerhouse ingredient that helps nourish skin and enhances even skin tone. And that’s not all —Niacinamide helps strengthen your skin’s barrier and acts as an antioxidant, reducing the stress caused from environmental aggressors, giving you that ‘oh-yes’ glow. 

It’s no longer a challenge to find a routine that makes our melanin-rich skin velvety smooth.

So, how does it work exactly?

Great question. Niacinamide is a water-soluble form of Vitamin B3, which helps maintain a strong and healthy skin barrier. A healthy barrier that retains moisture, giving you that fabulous, dewy glow. And here’s the gold: along with increasing your barrier’s resiliency, Niacinamide also works with your skin’s natural components to do all the other good stuff too, like helping fade dark spots and cleaning out your pores. Like a real friend, it plays a supporting role at every step of your skincare routine.

For our melanin-rich skin, retaining moisture is imperative to getting that natural, million-dollar glow. Our skin has a high rate of transepidermal water loss, which means the moisture in our skin evaporates into the air at a faster rate than most. The right formula of Niacinamide will give our epidermis a little extra love, a lot of moisture and healthy glowing skin. Rather than a cleanser, you’d best incorporate it into your routine with a serum or cream, so your skin has time to indulge in that nourishment. Good things take time, hun.

Learn the amazing benefits of niacinamide.
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Rewind —the right formula?

Based on the formula, Niacinamide can be more or less effective on your skin. Lucky for us, MELE’s formulas are designed by dermatologists of color specifically for melanin-rich skin. They’re proven to nourish our skin deep down to the dermis, helping our skin glow inside out. 

Ok, I’ve sold you. How can you make Niacinamide your new bestie?

Lucky for us, it plays a key role in Mele’s skincare lineup. Day or night, start your routine by cleansing with our GENTLE HYDRATING CLEANSING GEL.

Follow up with DARK SPOT CONTROL SERUM, which tackles dark spots and uneven skin tone. If pores are your grievance, use our SMOOTH PORE MINIMIZING SERUM which controls oil, while reducing the appearance of pores. With 3% Niacinamide, you’ll have to get used to seeing your natural glow up close and personal.

Stepping out? Go deep on moisture, but light on touch with our Moisturize with something for something lights on the touch with DEW THE MOST SHEER MOISTURIZER SPF 30. This triple-threat fades dark spots, protects against UV Rays and amps up the hydration —all without white marks.

Stepping into bed? Give dry patches the cold shoulder with our PLUMP IT UP NOURISHING CREAM. It’s your go-to against dryness and aging, thanks to Niacinamide’s skin conditioning agents.

There you have it. You don’t stop hustling - why should your skincare? Niacinamide allows your skin to clear up, smooth out and embrace its natural glow —the kind that keeps going day in and day out. It takes care of business and that’s something we can all get behind.