We are MELÉ: the most awarded new face care brand*.

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Mele Skincare Range - Recipient of over 10 Major Beauty Awards

The Most Awarded New Facecare Brand | MELE

Co-created with dermatologists of color, proven by the melanin-rich skin community, and awarded by the best of the skincare industry. Talk about a triple threat.

We had one goal: help our melanin-rich royals achieve their ultimate skin goals. Being the most awarded new face care brand*? We. Don’t. Have. Words.

Well maybe two: THANK YOU.

With all of our products, melanin-rich skin is always the hero. They’re co-created with dermatologists of color, are clinically tested only on black and brown skin and we look out for you by making sure all of our products are both effective and make you feel good. Like most things in life, if it doesn’t work, we don’t want it.

We’re thrilled you love Melé and that the products are getting the attention they deserve. So, don’t be shy, tell your friends, coworkers, neighbours, and third cousins twice removed. Let’s continue to build this community together because let’s be real, we all deserve glowing, velvety skin.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out what Elle Beauty Awards 2020, Oprah Beauty Awards, Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Beauty Awards, and more are saying.

Co-created with dermatologists of color, proven by the melanin-rich skin community, and awarded by the best of the skincare industry. Talk about a triple threat.

Lovers of the Range:

1.     ELLE’s Future of Beauty's 20 For 2020, Total Brand, Co-Creation

“Melé’s is the first mass-retail skin care line co-created by derms of color for melanin-rich skin, with products under $25.”

2.     Better Homes & Gardens, Life in color beauty awards 2021

“it features a blend of […] niacinamide, which can interfere with pigment production and in doing so even out skin tone; and retinyl propionate, a derivative of retinol that can further improve the appearance of dark spots. ‘The dual-phase formulation is unique for this type of product,’ says expert panelist and beauty blogger Felicia Walker

Full Mele Skincare Range
Mele's Plump it Up Nourishing Cream

Praise for the EVEN Dark Spot Control Serum


3.     O, The Oprah Magazine, 2020 Beauty O-Wards

“Stubborn discoloration stands no chance against this brightening blend of niacinamide and a vitamin A derivative.“

4.     Cosmopolitan’s 2021 Holy Grail Beauty Awards

“The very stubborn acne scars I’ve had for years have practically vanished before my eyes.”
 —Julee Wilson, Beauty Director

5.     InStyle's 2021 Best Beauty Buys



Praise for the NO SHADE Sunscreen oil SPF 30


6.     Health 2021 Beauty Award Winners
“It's cosmetically elegant, says Dr. Zeichner, meaning the formula is a dream to use.”

7.     Allure Best of Beauty 2021 Skincare
“Formulated for and by people with melanin-rich skin, Melé No Shade Sunscreen Oil
SPF 30 is a translucent serum that provides a sheer veil of coverage.”


Praise for the SMOOTH Pore Minimizing Serum


8.     Essence 2021 Black Beauty Awards

“The mattifying formula visibly tightens pores and reduces excess oil.”

9.     Harper's Bazaar, Best Drugstore Beauty Buys of 2021

“Melé Smooth Pore Minimizing Serum has a blurring effect that makes skin look amazing. “


Praise for the DEW THE MOST Moisturizer SPF 30


10.     Glamour 2021 Beauty Awards

“I love that this sunscreen—and the entire brand it's from—is specifically formulated for melanin-rich skin in that it doesn’t leave a whitish residue like most products with SPF do.”
Ru Wolle, Associate Editor

11.     Shape 2021 Skin Awards

“The lotion rubs into dark skin tones easily.”

12.  SELF 2021 Healthy Beauty Awards

“Top marks from testers for its lightweight, sheer texture and application. And Bonus points, per the experts: This product contains derm-approved hydrators like glycerin and skin soothers like niacinamide”


Praise for the EVEN Tone Post Cleanse Tonic


13.  HelloGiggles 2021 Beauty Crush Awards
“This mild daily tonic takes the cake as it gently exfoliates the skin, removes impurities from the pores, and corrects acne-induced hyperpigmentation.”


*Print & digital awards from August 2020-July 2021 from top US publications with award programs.