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Learn how to protect your melanin-rich skin in the sun.


After a winter that felt ten winters long, the sun is finally out and we are HERE for it. But while we’re soaking in those *very* necessary golden rays, here’s a gentle reminder to keep our skin safe and glowed up.

You’ve heard the myth: one of the perks to having melanin-rich skin is that we don’t burn. It’s true that our skin ages slower and has a lower chance of developing skin cancer than our lighter skinned counterparts. But kings and queens, it still isn’t immune to UV ray damage.

The more time we spend under nature’s favorite heating lamp, the more we expose our precious skin to hyperpigmentation, dark spots and sunburns.

Here’s the tea on UV

Let’s get this straight: what you’ve heard isn’t wrong, but it is incomplete. Melanin-rich skin glows with a natural SPF of up to 13, but dermatologists recommend that we apply a minimum of SPF 30. Our skin can be exposed to UV damage in many ways, including on cloudy days and through visible blue light emitted from our bright laptop and phone screens. This can seriously dull our shine and leave our skin with stubborn dark spots. So, while our confidence may be invincible, the melanin in our fierce skin isn’t.

We need that extra something to keep our skin smooth on its surface and safe below it. Without that coverage, overexposure to UV can cause your melanin producing cells to over stimulate. That’s what you blame for uneven skin tone, breakouts and inconvenient dark spots.

Learn how to get a glow for your melanin-rich skin.
Discover how to protect your melanin-rich skin in the sun.

You + sunscreen: we’re making it official

Sunscreen is your best friend, and this friendship is for life. Luckily, we’ve got two options to help you nurture that glow all day, every day.

Our DEW THE MOST Sheer Moisturizer has an SPF of 30, which is a great shield against the big bad UVs. It also contains cocoa seed extract to defend against blue light. DEW THE MOST blends well against melanin-rich skin without leaving white marks or residue. Basically, it’s all glow and no glum. If you’re late to the sunscreen game, it also contains 3% Niacinamide (B3) which helps fade stubborn dark spots.

If silky smooth serums are more your thing, let us introduce you to our NO SHADE Sunscreen Oil. It’s non-greasy, lightweight and packed with protection thanks to its SPF of 30. Like our moisturizer, it won’t leave white marks either, so you can glow all out when you go out.

Routine recap

So. Many. Products. How do I apply them? What’s the order? SOS.

We’ve got you covered, so you can glow.

Start your day with a cleanse before you step out and take the world. Our GENTLE HYDRATING Cleansing Gel is the perfect wake-me-up cleanser, leaving your pores clean and skin looking lit. Follow with a hit of hydration and protection using our DEW THE MOST Sheer Moisturizer or NO SHADE Sunscreen Oil.

That’s it! Step out looking and feeling like the boss that you are. Know that you’re protecting and highlighting your shade of amazing. With your skin-care on lock, you can focus on taking the day and owning the game.