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Learn how to take care of your melanin-rich skin.


We’ve all been told to rinse, wash, repeat. But let's be real, our skin deserves so much more than bar soap and a hand towel.


So what should you be doing for that smooth, nourished look and feel? Here’s a few simple steps for a routine that’ll bring out the best in your skin.


The flow: Cleanser. Tonic. Serum. Moisturizer. Four products to clean, purify, and moisturize. Although everyone’s skin is different, the products we’ll be recommending do not contain alcohol or require excessive exfoliation, which often dries out and aggravates skin. Additionally *HOT TIP* make sure to apply proper sun protection after certain retinoid treatments, micro-needling, or microdermabrasion. We’re all for getting fancy, but make sure you stay protected, as these kinds of treatments can make skin more sensitive to the sun.

The flow: Cleanser. Tonic. Serum. Moisturizer. Four products to clean, purify, and moisturize.

1.  So, first step: CLEANSE

This is the full-face of makeup, sweaty, just-got-home step of your face wash regimen. Start by splashing your face with cold water. Cold water is recommended over warm or hot, as it’s least likely to dry out your skin (we’re all about that moisture, baby). Next apply a pea-size amount of gentle face cleanser. We recommend the MELÉ GENTLE HYDRATING CLEANSING GEL. Rub lightly in circular motions across the face to wash off those skin impurities.

Next, we dry. When it comes to drying your face, you want to pat it gently instead of wiping. Being as gentle as possible with your skin is always the way to go.

Learn how to get a glow for your melanin-rich skin.
Learn how to get a glow for your melanin-rich skin.

2.  And now, we CLEANSE AGAIN.

We’re not messing around. Toner is like giving your skin an extra little kiss. Wiping away anything that might be left behind, and getting off every last drop of the day’s residue. Apply the MELÉ EVEN TONE POST CLEANSE TONIC to a cotton pad and wipe. This is a sulfate-free, mild, non-stinging and hard-working daily toner without alcohol so your skin

won’t dry out. With retinol as a key ingredient, it actively works to remove dead skin cells which optimizes cell renewal and enhances a beautiful, glowing and even skin tone.

3.  Now we’re onto ENHANCING that magic

We could just go straight to moisturizing, but adding a radiance serum helps in fading age spots and dealing with dark spots. Apply a small drop of the EVEN DARK SPOT CONTROL SERUM to your fingers and apply directly to areas that could use the extra loving.

4.  Lastly, it's time to MOISTURIZE

Melanin-rich skin may be less susceptible to burning, but the sun throws shade at all skin types. Arming your skin with an SPF ensures all day protection from those UV rays, pollutants, and even (surprise) blue light from your phones. Applying our MELÉ DEW THE MOST SHEER MOISTURIZER first thing in the morning provides all day moisture and protection from the sun,  without those stubborn white streaks.

And finally, applying a paraben free moisturizer like the MELÉ PLUMP IT UP NOURISHING CREAM before bed is the perfect way to keep skin healthy, and hydrated. This moisturizer contains vitamin b3 benefits for skin, plus niacinamide and panthenol for face. Oof. Go to sleep with this bad boy on your face and you’re waking up looking your finest.

Four products. One routine. Nourished, healthy skin.

So maybe a bit more than the rinse, wash, repeat. But we all know being a little extra, goes a long way.