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Learn how to get a glow for your melanin-rich skin.


Your shade of amazing deserves that TLC from the inside out.

Because we all want that glow. We’re talking fully hydrated, protected, healthy skin with smooth texture and undeniable radiance. Below are five simple tips to bring out the best in your glow, keeping it healthy and protecting its magic.

Five simple tips to bring out the best in your glow, keeping it healthy and protecting its magic.

Protection. Protection. Protection.

First things first, let’s talk about those UV rays . While you’re out and about, so is your skin. We know, you’re like yeah but I rarely burn. Although melanin rich skin has a natural SPF of up to 13, you still need the coverage. That melanin is strong, but it’s not invincible. Overexposure to UV can cause over stimulation of melanin producing cells, which leads to dark spots and uneven skin tone. More protection = fewer dark spots, a more even skin tone, and radiant skin . Which is why when it comes to sunscreen, we don’t play around. MELÉ’s DEW THE MOST sheer moisturizer delivers 24 hour, transparent hydration as it protects against UV rays and blue light.

Learn how to get a glow for your melanin-rich skin.
Learn how to get a glow for your melanin-rich skin.

Hydration is Key.

Which leads us to another key player in our journey to glowing skin: hydration . Oh yeah, we’re talking water, water, water. The more we drink, the more we’re able to flush out any toxins getting in the way of our skin doing its thing. Aim for eight glasses, but keep in mind that the more you drink, the more you glow. And let’s hydrate that skin from the outside too. Melanin rich skin is strong and glowing, but every skin tone gets dry & dehydrated sometimes. The contrast between dry, dead skin cells, and fresh new ones, often makes dryness more noticeable on dark skin. That’s where we can help. MELÉ’s PLUMP IT UP NOURISHING CREAM intensely hydrates, leaving skin with a fresh, dewy glow all day long. Looking to soothe rough patches or even out your tone? This cream has got you covered. Plus it’s oil free, delivering lightweight hydration.

Keep it Fresh.

Maybe you’ve been there too? You reach for that exfoliator and end up red, aggravated, and breaking out even more. So many exfoliators are filled with rough beads and grainy salts, often irritating skin. But if done right, exfoliating increases blood supply, washes away residue, and leaves your skin looking fresh. Our MELÉ EVEN TONE POST CLEANSE TONIC is the perfect way to gently exfoliate your skin. With Lactic Acid and Vitamin C, it works gently to exfoliate the skin’s surface by polishing away dull skin to reveal a more even toned, brighter and glowing complexion.

Keep Your Pores Small, and Your Glow Thriving

Oh and those makeup brushes? We have to clean those regularly too. Often makeup brushes and expired makeup bottles carry lingering bacteria which cause breakouts, clogged pores and yes, inflammation . Breakouts and blemishes are the most common cause of inflammation and scarring, which in turn can lead to dark spots. So a quick clean now, will save your skin later. MELÉ’s SMOOTH PORE MINIMIZING SERUM is the perfect primer before makeup application, keeping those pores small, and your presence large.

Your skin deserves products just as unique as it is. MELÉ is scientifically designed for melanated skin, and is co-created with dermatologists who specialize in skin of color, to fit the unique needs of your skin. Skincare for dry skin. Dark spot serums. Paraben free toners. Even spot correctors for acne scars. Our products balance efficacy and gentleness for reactive melanin rich skin. So your skin can keep enhancing its glow, and staying on point.