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NO SHADE Sunscreen Oil SPF 30 Broad Spectrum- 1 FL OZ.



Melanin-rich skin has up to SPF 13 built in, making you less sensitive to photo-damage. But don’t get it twisted. It doesn’t mean skin damage cannot occur. SPF is not cumulative, so you need a minimum of SPF 30 for full protection. Without it, the effects of damaging UV exposure can accumulate over time and leave sun and age spots. So, pull out a broad-spectrum SPF daily - to keep that glow fresh and strong.​​

Discover our NO SHADE sunscreen oil SPF 30:

  • Provide daily, non-greasy SPF 30 protection from the sun and environmental aggressors. 
  • This sheer oil is non-greasy. lightweight and fast absorbing, so you can enjoy your day immediately.
  • The sunscreen guards against harmful UV damage to help prevent signs of aging.
  • Won't leave behind a noticeable residue.
  • No Parabens, Alcohol and Mineral Oil. Formulated without Phthalates.
      • 3% Avobenzone
      • 7.49% Octinoxate
    • Designed to: Help protect against skin discoloration & signs of aging.

      Guards against the harmful effects of UVA & UVB
      For best results, apply this sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply at least every 2 hours.

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