MELE | Our Scientific Approach

What’s our scientific approach?

Finally. A process designed to see you and your melanin-rich skin at a cellular level.

Co-created with dermatologists

We teamed up with dermatologists who are from and work with the melanin-rich community. They were part of the journey from the start. We were guided by their insights on what were the biggest skin concerns, needs, sensorial, and optical requirements of skincare that was designed for melanin-rich skin based on their years of experience. They have helped us to identify the unique needs of melanin-rich skin, which are the foundations of our development process.

Dr Okoye

Dr Okoye

"Not one size fits all. This skincare embodies that."

Dr Gohara

Dr Gohara

"My #1 recommendation for my patients is understand the biology of your skin and find products that address those needs.“

Dr Scott

Dr Scott

"A long time coming. Very much needed."

Dr. Gohara

"MELÉ is truly addressing the unmet needs of my melanin-rich skin patients.“

Dr. Mona Gohara, Expertise in treating skin of color

Dr. Scott

“A long time coming. Very much needed.”

Dr. Laura Scott, Associate Director Skin of Color Division

Discover our 5 five-step approach | MELE

Discover our 5 five-step approach



We always start by addressing specific skin needs of melanin-rich skin.

Needs could be: Uneven Tone, Oil control, Dry & Uneven Texture, Dark Spots, Pore Control, Protection.


We select & blend high performing ingredients at the right levels to address specific skin needs.

Niacinamide and hexylresorcinol is a powerhouse combination that improves uneven skin tone.


We ensure that the products optically enhance the beauty of melanin-rich skin.​

Our super hydrating skin conditioning agents help you avoid dryness that can be more visible on dry skin.​


We develop sensories that work with melanin-rich skin and are a joy to use.​

For instance, our SPF lightweight oil texture that absorbs in quickly, leaving no residue.​


Clinically proven to be efficacious & deliver results for melanin-rich skin.

Our products are clinically tested on skin on melanin-rich skin.​

Created with Dermatologists of Color